Our Virtues



Appropriate for all abilities

Our system is applicable to every person of every ability level. In fact, the best applicants are not always the most fit! We believe that ATTITUDE accounts for 99% of the results you will receive. We have had members that weight over 350lbs with an extraordinary resolve; we have had members with severe injuries to the knees, neck, back, shoulders, and hips that still accomplish their goals because of an uncompromising attitude. We are NOT in the business of only serving those who are genetically gifted with physical strength and endurance; We ARE in the business of serving individuals who are committed to achieving their life’s potential and purpose.

Building Strength

10527805_10202442689207993_7240574747213538543_nWe believe that, regardless of your goal, building strength should be the basis of every program. While competitive powerlifting may not be on your bucket list, the fact remains that everything is made better by pursuing strength. Physically, this may manifest itself in being able to hike and play with your kids without getting winded, move furniture without spending the following 3 days lying on heating pads, or having the muscle mass and bone density to dust yourself after a fall rather than
breaking your hip (not to mention the benefits that heavy lifting has on your metabolism, posture, flexibility, energy, and hormone balance). Mentally, pursuing strength with teach you how to overcome adversity, to face your fears, and to
develop the character to try again and again after failing.

The single thing that can make the largest improvement in your quality  of life and your longevity is increasing your strength and it is the one thing that new clients lack when they start training with us. For this reason, we structure every workout in our program around building strength in one of our 4 primary movements: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, & Overhead Press.

Everything is easier when you’re stronger. After several months of conditioning workouts, you’ll develop a decent wind, but it will take a few years to make you truly strong, so we’d  better get started now.

Intelligent, Evolving ProgrammingIMG_0256-XL

Our core belief is that correct exercise is always corrective. This means that every movement that we train should, in some way, contribute to restoring correct posture and creating a balanced, functional body. Because we train from this perspective, the goal of increasing maximal strength actually compliments every other aspect of human performance; a strong body must also have the structural integrity, movement efficiency, and mobility to demonstrate strength safely and effectively. We have found that these key principles are best developed through the pursuit of mastery in the core lifts — the squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press — and that the skills acquired along the way compliment everything from rehabilitation of old injuries and imbalances to faster times for endurance athletes to power and coordination for field sport athletes and maximal strength for competitive powerlifters.

We use these core movements to assess our incoming athletes and develop intelligent, structured, and progressive programs to address their weaknesses and develop them into the strongest version of themselves. By manipulating the volume (total workload), intensity (degree of difficulty relative to their personal strength levels), movement prescripion (exercises utilized to address specific weakness), and recovery required from each level of training, we are able to meet our athletes exactly where they are and train them safely and effectively without ever reaching a plateau.



On most days we combine our strength work with a short and intense  conditioning workout. The conditioning workout usually lasts 20 minutes  or less. This is where the cool stuff comes out: Sledgehammers, tires, sleds, farmer’s carries, kettlebells. The sexy stuff that you show off to your Facebook friends. But all of this compliments our primary barbell training, not replaces it. You’ll
develop faster and  more safely with our short and intense conditioning workouts as your  staple.

Performance Nutrition

We believe that the body will only perform to the level that it is properly fed. A Ferrari doesn’t run like a Ferrari on 87 octane, and your body will not look, feel, and perform its best when it is fed garbage. We also believe that an effective nutrition plan ought to be both sustainable and enjoyable. Our holistic and easy-to-follow approach to nutrition planning is designed to bridge the gap between your activity levels, training intensity, and food preferences and your performance and aesthetic goals so as to optimize hormone levels, reduce inflammation, bolster insulin sensitivity, and make sure you are never hungry, tired, or miserably eating foods that you hate. Our goal is to teach you how to find the balance between the food choices that will maximize your performance and body composition and having an enjoyable life.