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19885790_10209722197791158_1129728912_oWe’d love to schedule a time to give you a free introduction to Savage Gym! We’ll talk about your goals, background, and answer all your questions. Just contact us using the below form. You’ve got nothing to lose, and it’ll be informative and fun!


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Team Training

17800133_10208950668103398_8310445883413242893_n Interested in competing in powerlifting? Come train with Team Savage as we work to build maximal strength in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Team Training is a more advanced strength training program designed to prepare you for your next powerlifting meet. Training programs are scheduled around upcoming local competions and will help you develop mastery in the core lifts as well as put pounds on your total.



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Semi-Private Training


17759648_10212239040352302_3425127189120306758_nSavage Strength Camp is a semi-private training program designed to challenge members physically, mentally and emotionally while promoting Fat Loss, Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Stamina, Athletic Capacity, and Character.

This is accomplished through a foundation of progressive barbell strength training. With strength training as the core of our program, we are able to address injuries & correct movement imbalances while building muscle and promoting lasting fat loss.

We also employ many “out-of-the-box” methods toward building conditioning. These may include: sprinting, jumping, weightlifting, flipping tractor tires, lifting heavy sandbags, swinging kettlebells and sledgehammers, pushing cars or trucks, dragging sleds, pushups, chinups, etc. The exercises are challenging, but do-able and scale-able for almost all ability levels.


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Remote Coaching


Constructing an effective strength training program can be a difficult task for a lifter. Sure, there are plenty of cookie-cutter programs and templates that work great for most lifters, most of the time, but where these programs and e-books fall short is on their ability be custom-tailored to your experience, your needs, and your body.

For the first time ever, you, too can be apart of Savage Gym, wherever you are!  Savage Online combines the same proven assessment and coaching strategies we use with our lifers with intelligent, fully-customized programming to help you restore healthy and efficient movement, improve work capacity, and build lasting strength.

Savage Online Includes:

- Detailed assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, injury history, training experience, and goals.

- Fully-customized strength training programming video assessment, weekly reporting, and adjustments.

- Access to the private Savage Online Facebook group, where you can ask questions, post videos for review, and interact  will   other Savage Online members.

- A complete peaking program (*if applicable) with increased communication during the final week will be planned, so that no crucial detail is missed in your preparation leading into the meet.

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Customized Nutrition Planning

10254036_555735517872912_367146622643194405_nCustomized nutrition planning addresses a full range of performance and physique goals, from Fat Loss and Muscle Gain to Body Recomposition and Sports Performance.  Our Nutrition plans utilize a 9-point body fat analysis and bi-weekly measurement updates to determine your optimal macronutrient profile based on your specific body composition, goals, and food preferences.

We believe that there are no secrets when it comes to nutrition management, rather we manage the details and teach you the principles of sound and sustainable nutrition so that you can learn how to make wise food decisions that help you achieve your goals while maintaining balance and flexibility with the specific foods you eat.

*Discounted Nutrition planning available for all Savage Barbell Club Members.

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