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Savage Strength Camp


1890993_541677475945383_1686837374_nSavage Strength Camp is a semi-private training program designed to challenge members physically, mentally and emotionally while promoting Fat Loss, Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Stamina, Athletic Capacity, and Character.

This is accomplished through a foundation of progressive barbell strength training. With strength training as the core of our program, we are able to address injuries & correct movement imbalances while building muscle and promoting lasting fat loss.

We also employ many “out-of-the-box” methods toward building conditioning. These may include: sprinting, jumping, weightlifting, flipping tractor tires, lifting heavy sandbags, swinging kettlebells and sledgehammers, pushing cars or trucks, dragging sleds, pushups, chinups, etc. The exercises are challenging, but do-able and scale-able for almost all ability levels.

*Discounted Nutrition planning available for all Savage Strength Camp members.


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Team Training

1381445_689907657717155_5630091495593898249_n Interested in competing in powerlifting? Come train with Team Savage as we work to build maximal strength in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Team Training is a more advanced strength training program designed to prepare you for your next powerlifting meet. Training programs are scheduled around upcoming local competions and will help you develop mastery in the core lifts as well as put pounds on your total.



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Savage Online

SavageOnlineCoverPhotoFor the first time ever, you, too can be apart of Savage Gym, wherever you are!  Savage Online combines the same proven assessment and coaching strategies we use with our lifers with intelligent, fully-customized programming to help you restore healthy and efficient movement, improve work capacity, and build lasting strength.


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Private Training

Savage_9995_retPrivate training is for those looking to push to the next levels of physique development, strength, or performance. Private coaching programs are 100% customized to the needs, goals (competitive or otherwise), and starting points of each client.

Programs combine elements of: Mobility, Flexibility, Rehab/Prehab of faulty movement patterns and past injuries, Strength Building, Physique Development, Fat Loss, and Muscle Toning.

Fully customized Nutrition Planning is included with all Private Training packages.

**Subject to application approval and availability.


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Strongman Saturday

1004491_10200220776421562_1713017275_nImprove strength and conditioning by training with odd objects and various strongman events including: Yoke walk, famer’s carries, sled dragging, tire flipping, truck pulling, and prowler pushing.

*Strongman workouts are very high intensity and may not be suitable for all fitness levels.

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Customized Nutrition Planning

555372_3279708283351_1777287683_nCustomized nutrition planning addresses a full range of performance and physique goals, from Fat Loss and Muscle Gain to Body Recomposition and Sports Performance.  Our Nutrition plans are based on a 9-point body fat analysis and bi-weekly measurement updates, so that your nutrients, food sources, and portions are always based on exactly where your body is. This prevents plateaus and maximizes your results from week to week.

Our holistic approach to food sources is based on your activity levels, training intensity, goals, medical history, and trouble spots so as to optimize hormone levels, reduce inflammation, bolster insulin sensitivity, and make sure you are never hungry, tired, or
wanting to slap your spouse while “dieting.”

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