Facility & Equipment

In addition to our unparallaled coaching & team atmosphere, Savage Barbell Club also offers the best-equipped Old-School facility in the state.

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Equipment List

Texas Strength Systems Combo Rack with Thompson Fat Pad
Crepinsek Monolift
Wenning Strength Belt Squat
Powertech Squat Rack
Custom Hydralic Competition Squat Stand
Competition Bench Press with Thompson Fat Pad
Body Masters Bench Press
Rogue Deadlift Platform
Custom Deadlift Platform (accommodates 2-3 lifters)
Custom Reverse Hyper
2 GHRs
Leg Press/Hack Squats
Chest-supported Row
3 high/low pulleys
Viking Press
Leg extension/curl Machine
Preacher Curl Machine
Seated Calf Raise


Specialty Bars

EliteFTS Mastadon Squat Bar
Rogue Fitness Ohio Power Bar
2 EliteFTS SS Yoke Bars
1 hands-free SSB
1 Texas Squat Bar
1 Texas Deadlift Bar
1 Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar
3 Kabuki Strength Deadlift Bars
1 Okie Deadlift Bar
1 Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bars
2 EZ Curl Bars
100lb Hex Deadlift Bar
45lb Trab Bar
Custom 55lb Extended Bench Bar
2 EliteFTS Swiss Press Bars
2.5” Momentum Axle Bar
2” Momentum Axle Bar
Strongman Log Press
6 off-brand Power Bars



5-150lb Dumbbells
Forza Adjustable Bench
Adjustable Bench
Flat Bench
Seated Upright Bench



800lbs of chains
Full set of EliteFTS Bands



Full Set of Body Tempering Tools (Boomstick, Baby boomer, X wives, etc)
1 Massage Table
2 Inversion Tables
3 sets of Farmer’s Carry Handles
Strongman Yoke
Slingshots/Titan Rams
Front Squat Harness
Landmine & T-bar row
MantaRay front & back squat
Dip Station
Truck Pull Harness
Neck Training Harness
Dip Belt & Dip Station


1 Elliptical
1 Scwinn Airdyne Bike
1 Treadmill